What other services does Japanese Healing provide besides acupuncture?


Moxibustion is a technique where the herb dried-mugwort is burned over acupuncture points for a heating and therapeutic effect.  As the moxa is burned near the skin, the warmth generated gently penetrates the tissues in order to induce better circulation and relaxation. It is a painless and soothing technique that rejuvenates and warms the body from within.


Dr. Komatsu is a Licensed Anma (traditional Japanese massage) practitioner, and also professionally trained at acupressure and oil massages. These different types of massage work to enhance relaxation and stress relief within the body while simultaneously improving blood circulation and energy flow within the body.


A Certified Athlete Trainer, Dr. Komatsu is professionally trained to administer taping. Taping is done to compliment sports injury rehabilitation, prevent injuries or assist athlete performance. Done by patient request.

Strength and Conditioning

Dr. Komatsu is here to help you achieve your fitness goals. As an Athlete Trainer, he utilizes his expansive knowledge to guide clients towards the physique and body-image that they desire.  As you embark towards your desired fitness goals, Dr. Komatsu will support your health through acupuncture and lifestyle suggestions to ensure a well-rounded treatment protocol.

Athlete Rehabilitation

Customized exercise programs are developed as part of your injury rehabilitation. Exercises are aimed at restoring range of motion, strengthening weakened muscles, and stabilizing in order to ensure a complete recovery and prevent re-injury.

Diet Consultation

Depending on your body constitution and health condition, different foods can enhance or hamper your health. Based on your health assessment and health goals, Dr. Komatsu can make suggestions as to what foods are well-suited for your body. By analyzing and changing your diet to best suite your body, you can help transform your health from the inside out!