Price and How to treat

Treatment Process

The fee is $90
The treatment time is 45mins – 60mins


The treatment

How to prepare for acupuncture treatment

1. Filling out the new patient forms


You can download the PDF form from the website, please fill out the form with your signature, and bring them on the first visit. You can also fill out the forms at the clinic 15 mins before the appointment time.

2. History


Dr. will ask you some questions regarding your injuries history, chief complains, diet, mental, exercises, medications, and lifestyle and more.

3. Tests/pulse & hara diagnosis


Dr. will perform some stress tests to evaluate the levels of the injuries and diagnose the dysfunctions.
Dr. will check your pulse and hara (internal organs) diagnosis.

4. Confirming the pain spots and the marking


Dr. will locate some sore/pain spots which come from hormone-unbalance, disharmony of organs, weak immune system, mental disturbances, and other problems, etc. and mark them.

5. The treatment


We only use several needles which are the world’s thinnest and finest needles from Japan, so you don’t feel any needle pain.
No pain, big gain!

6. Check & advices



Dr. will have you stand or sit, and check the movements, make sure the patient has pain-free movements. Dr. will compare the before and after the conditions. Also Dr. will advise you nutrition, diets, taping, ice or heat, and the exercises (athletes rehabilitation) to back to play.