Dr. Takeshi Komatsu

Dr. Komatsu made his world debut as an acupuncturist and athletic trainer for the U.S.A. Olympic team (Track & Field team, Seoul Olympic 1988). He is the first doctor to be licensed in both Japan and the U.S.A. in his field. He is highly experienced in supporting professional, as well as Olympic athletes both physically and mentally and has been doing so for more than 30 years. He teaches as a professor for a few doctorate degrees of graduate schools in Los Angeles and received Top Doctor for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine in Los Angeles in 2018.

Dr. Komatsu specializes in treating sports injuries and recovery in both the physical and mental aspect. You can ask for treatment for stress relief, pain management, a tune up for your body, chronic symptoms and acute pain, etc. You will notice an immediate difference in your body after the treatment.

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2013- Sato, Takuma
(Indycar Racer, Long Beach Grand Prix Champion2013)
2001-Present Japanese Healing, Inc.
1996-2007 Long Beach Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, Inc.
1995-1996, 2007 USA National Water Polo Team
1988-89 NEC Professional Women’s Volleyball Team (Champion Team)
1988 USA National Track and Field Team (Seoul Olympic 1988)



1993 - Present California Sports Medicine Center
2005 - Present Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine
(Doctorate degree)
Bio: Take Komatsu, L.Ac., A.T., C.
     Take Komatsu has over 30 years experience in oriental and sports medicine. Mr. Komatsu has worked with World Champion Olympians and Sports Teams including the NEC Women's Professional Volleyball Team (Japan), the US Olympic Track and Field Team, the US Olympic Water Polo Team, and various NCAA Championship Teams. He regularly helps athletes return to the top of their form quickly using techniques such as: shiatsu (acupressure), moxibustion (heating penetrating deep tissue acupuncture), anma (Japanese therapeutic massage), strengthing, and conditioning. Currently, Take is a licensed acupuncturist in both California and Japan.

     Take does not limit his practice to just athletes. He has many loyal clients within the Los Angeles and Orange County region (even a couple famous ones we can't mention). When he is not treating patients, look for Take on the field, playing for the LA Powers (a Japanese baseball team), on the hill shredding on his snowboard, or singing vocals for a local band.

     Take, in his own words, answers why he left Japan to bring his expertise to the United States, "I was an athletic trainer and an acupuncture specialist for the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Team in 1988. This was right before the Seoul Olympics. At the time I was busy giving athletes treatments like acupuncture, massage, sports taping, and first aid. At first, I thought that Americans do not like acupuncture because of their reliance on Western medicine. But, most athletes were very interested in Oriental medicine and requested my treatments. These athletes asked me to come to America and show my technique. There were no acupuncturists in the sports field. I wanted to learn more about sports and Western medicine and blend two different medicines into my new treatments. I came to America in 1989 with little English, but big dreams. I decided to get an American (Bachelor's) degree in Sports Medicine from California State University, Long Beach to round out my knowledge and expertise."